Mobile fence

Modular building site and crowd control barriers are enormously popular with our customers in the building and events industry to fence off the site and keep the public out of hazardous places around building sites or guide it to safe places. The construction site fences have a horizontal pipe with a 30 mm diameter and a vertical pipe with a 40 mm diameter.

If you are looking for materials for a fence for the construction or events industry or for business premises, think of building site fences. In combination with a concrete or recycled foot, you can use this equipment to create a complete and solid fence in order to keep people away from dangerous construction sites or to guide them to a safe place.

What does a mobile fence consist of?

A mobile fence is a panel consisting of horizontal and vertical steel wires. The horizontal and vertical wires are single and are welded onto the tubular sections. This makes the construction of a mobile fence very strong and vandal-proof.

The vertical steel wires are 3 mm thick and the horizontal wires 4 mm. The tubular sections are 30 mm thick horizontally and 42 mm thick vertically. The mesh size can vary according to the type you need. The panels are usually 3500 mm wide and 2000 mm high (other heights available upon request).

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