Harmonica mesh has a mesh width of 50x50mm and a wire thickness of 3.1mm. The mesh fence is galvanized and plastic-coated. The mesh is flexible and usable on many types of sub-soils. Harmonica mesh is often used on private land, industrial premises and public land. Mesh fencing is usually mounted with round posts. The use of top pipes provides extra strength.

If you are looking for fencing equipment for your garden or business premises, have a look at our harmonica mesh (Plasitor). This mesh fence is galvanized and plastic-coated, elegant and durable. In combination with the corresponding posts, gates or doors, you can create a complete fence with an neat and attractive look.

Harmonica mesh has a mesh width of 50x50mm, with a wire thickness of 3.1mm. Our Harmonica mesh is available in the following RAL colours 6009 & 9005. Other RAL colours available upon request.

What are the advantages of galvanized and coated harmonica mesh?

Because all our mesh is galvanized and plastic-coated, it is truly weatherproof. The coating gives the mesh a neat and attractive look and extends its lifespan. The mesh is galvanized and coated to prevent rusting.

Where can I order complete fencing systems?

Do you run a business that installs fences at your customers’? Then you will find it especially practical to partner up with a supplier or wholesaler who can supply complete fencing systems (fences with accessories) such as Van Merksteijn Fencing systems. This company is market leader in the production of double rod mesh panels.

Van Merksteijn are also suppliers and wholesalers of complete fencing systems. This means they can supply with double rod mesh panels and accessories (such as posts, gates, kongcrete and fixings). Many fencing companies and landscapers use this opportunity.

Van Merksteijn Fencing systems supplies much more than fences in double rod mesh panels. The company also supplies, a/o: