Kongcrete® is a hydrophobic (waterproof) two-component filler that has a high expansion rate to fill the space between the ground and the post. Kongcrete® reacts and expands immediately after mixing and reaches 50% of its strength after only 3 minutes, so that the post stands on its own. After only 20 minutes, the post can be stressed and after 2 hours it reaches full strength. Kongcrete® can be used for fixing miscellaneous posts, including wooden, metal and composite posts. It is also used for fixing flag poles, letter boxes, signposts and utility masts (power and communication posts).

Kongcrete is available in 2 volumes, the Small Kit and the Large Kit with volumes of resp. 500 and 1000 grams.

The Small Kit is suitable to fix 1 post in the ground and provides a filler volume of approximately 5 litres. Because with Kongcrete you don’t need to dig large holes, this volume is more than enough to plant 1 post solidly in the ground and to fill the space between post and soil. This saves you a lot of time because you can use a posthole differ instead of a shovel.

The Large Kit is suitable for 2 posts or one large post when the user wants to use one larger post hole. The filling volume of the Large Kit is about 11 to 11.5 litres.

Kongcrete can be used for almost any type of post material:

  • Wooden post (rough/smooth)
  • Metal post (untreated / galvanized / coated / painted)
  • Composite posts
  • Concrete posts

Kongcrete can be used in any type of soil, provided that the sub-soil is solid and stable. E.g. sandpit sand offers no hold.

  • Solid sand soil
  • Clay soil
  • Concrete
  • Rock/mountain

Use Kongcrete to plant the post quickly and easily plumb in the ground and save a lot of time and money that would be required to assemble and disassemble posts / fences / shuttering.


EVERYTHING you need to fix posts is included in the Kongcrete® kit.
You DON’T need any water. No more lugging around heavy 25 kilogramme bags of concrete mix from one post to another. Kongcrete expands very much; one 1000 gram Large Kit of Kongcrete® equals the amount of material of 25 kilogrammes of fast setting concrete! Kongcrete® reduces the processing time considerably, because no post-filling is necessary. You are ready in 3 minutes! Mix, pour, set!


High expansion filler: Kongcrete® resist a lot more pressure than the surrounding compacted soil. As a result, the post has a superior fixing.
Because it is hydrophobic (doesn’t let water through), Kongcrete offers a protective layer around the wood, whereby the risk of rotting is strongly reduced.