Van Merksteijn swing gates excel by their great stability and durability. This quality is guaranteed through the use of high-grade materials and their careful processing with state-of-the-art production techniques. Van Merksteijn fencing systems produce their swing gates under own management. As a result, we can offer outstanding value for money. Our gates produced in such a manner that you can assemble them simply and quickly. We also provide synoptic mounting instructions with all our gates. The use of square tubular sections makes our gates very stable, durable and vandal-proof. Our gates are galvanized in accordance with EN ISO 1461. The swing gates can also be supplied with polyester powder coating. Standard colours: RAL6005, 6009, 7016 & 9005.

If you are also looking for a beautiful fence for your garden or business premises, think about a double rod mesh panel gate. These gates are produced with care by Van Merksteijn. You can order this gate in combination with the corresponding posts, double rod mesh panels and mounting equipment. Assembled, all components make up a solid fence, with a neat and attractive look.

What does the single gate consist of?

A single Van Merksteijn fencing systems swing gate is a gate consisting of gate posts, frame, gate panel, hinges, lock and catch. The gate posts are very strong because we usually use 60x60x2mm sections. In addition, for the framework of the infill panel, we use 60/40 sections, mitred and welded. The infill panel is a double rod mesh panel with a wire thickness of 6/5/6 (horizontal 2 x ø 6 mm qnd vertical 1 x ø 5 mm). The infill is welded into the frame. This offers extra strength. The whole gate is packaged as a set. We also supply mounting instructions so that the gate can be installed very easily.

What does the double gate consist of?

In fact, we don’t proceed any differently than with the single gate. However, we use different materials. The gate posts have a different size and thickness, since they carry more weight. Van Merksteijn Fencing systems offer two different standard widths for the double gate: 3 metres wide and 4 metres wide. Given the difference in weight of both doors, we supply different sections/posts for the 3-metre gate and for the 4-metre gate. For the 3-metre double swing gates, we use 80x80x3mm sections and for the 4-metre double swing gates, the posts are 100x100x3mm. IN addition, each gate has a 180° hinge that is adjustable 4-dimensionally.

Van Merksteijn Fencing systems supply complete fencing systems!

We are market leaders in the production of double rod mesh panels. In addition, Van Merksteijn produce their own gates and posts. Because we produce most of our materials in-house, we can act fast and be competitive on the market. We also have our own 8000m² warehouse and distribution centre at Vriezenveen.
Therefore, we can usually supply from stock quickly, keeping delivery times to a minimum.